Visitors view Cadillac Ranch art installation outside Amarillo, Texas; 2007

Japanese Butch dancer Taketeru Kudo performs in the garden at the Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh, PA; 2011

An egret flies over Lake Elizabeth in Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Commons Park.; 2011.

Sunset in Rockland Harbor, Maine; 2010.

Helicopter filming Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” flies over the Phillip Johnson designed PPG Place in downtown Pittsburgh, PA; 2011

Musicians Vladimir Mollov, Susanne Ortner-Roberts & John Marcinizyn before a performance in Pittsburgh, PA.;


A necklace made of recycled bicycle inner tubes, glass pieces and beads; 2013.

Angel in the Beaver County Humane Society, Center Township, PA.


Bruzer in Lake Elizabeth,

Pittsburgh, PA.;


Garbage Bag Gala; Pittsburgh, PA; 2011

Art Installation; Pittsburgh, PA  2011

Musician Susanne Ortner-Roberts; Pittsburgh, PA; 2010

David L. Lawrence Convention Center; Pittsburgh, PA; 2011

G-20 Summit Protest; Pittsburgh, PA; 2010

Golden Triangle; Pittsburgh, PA; 1993

Bus Ride on California Avenue; Pittsburgh, PA; 2010

Farmers Market; Pittsburgh, PA; 2011

Bus Ride on California Avenue; Pittsburgh, PA; 2010

Joker, Pittsburgh Marathon; Pittsburgh, PA; 2013

Wedding Party; Pittsburgh, PA; 2011


Seventh and Liberty; Pittsburgh, PA; 2010

Allegheny General Hospital; Pittsburgh, PA; 2014